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Introducing the
ONE Heating Solution

You're in Safe Hands

When something new comes to market it is only natural to have questions about it. And whilst the ONE subscription is a new way of providing a heating solution for your home, the company behind it have been in the industry for over half a century. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands!

 ONE is provided by Status Heating Limited, in partnership with Ariston. Status have a long-standing reputation around keeping people’s houses warm and Ariston are one of the largest suppliers of heating and hot water solutions in Europe, so between us we are pretty sure we can provide our customers with the very best in central heating solutions.

 Heating as a solution is not something that has previously been an option for customers, so let’s explore exactly what makes ONE so special.

Annual Service Included

Your boiler will be serviced every year of your active subscription!

All parts/labour included*

Whether it's your boiler, your radiators, your room thermostat or anything else for that matter - It's covered by ONE!

Zero upfront cost

I know it's hard to believe, but there really  is nothing to pay in advance. Nothing, zilch, nada!

Brand new boiler

As if the monthly price isn't fabulous enough, you also get a brand new shiny boiler with internet connectivity!


When a company says that everything is covered, why is it that they always seem to find a way out of covering your problem due to it being part of their small print, or being a component outside of their product that causes the fault?

We know exactly how that feels from our years of experience in visiting people’s homes because their boiler manufacturer or insurer wouldn’t repair their fault. So, when we set about creating ONE, we wanted to make sure that every eventuality was covered once you are on our subscription. Afterall, there are more exciting things to be focussing on than your heating cover!

With ONE it is easier to tell you what isn’t covered, as there are only a few exclusions. You can find those in our T&C’s where we are transparent about them, so let’s tell you what is covered.

  • Brand new state of the art boiler, controls, thermostat & flue
  • Fully installed Internet connectivity to allow remote access & diagnosis
  • Full maintenance & repairs on all heating components, including your radiators, pipework & controls
  • Unlimited callouts with a 48hr guaranteed response & zero excess
  • Annual servicing to keep your equipment in tip top condition
  • All parts & labour included in your subscription

Giving you all the equipment you need to deliver a cosy warm home, but with all the benefits of new technology and full peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Seamless!


Technology has moved forward at such a pace over the last 5-10 years, so the chances are that your options for a smart heating solution now were not around the last time you had to install a new system. The last few years have seen the likes of Hive and Nest be fitted in people’s homes to their existing system, but all of these solutions are through separate providers, have limited functionality and carry their own limited warranties.

With ONE you have a fully connected suite of devices that work together and are covered under your subscription. They are super intelligent too, with the ability to flag up issues to us before you’ve even noticed, so that we can log in and remotely fix things, or schedule a visit to get out to you before you experience any downtime.

You still retain ultimate control over your heating though and can do that through an easy-to-use digital app that you can download onto a mobile or tablet. Enabling you to control your heating remotely and optimise your usage to reduce your bills.

Combine the two benefits and you’ve got the best solution on the market at your fingertips. Now that’s smart!


We all dread one of those expensive items in our homes going wrong, and your heating solution is probably the most expensive if it does give up the ghost. Leaving you with a bill for several thousand pounds to get a new boiler fitted, with the disruption and stress of getting it sorted adding to your woes.

But with ONE, you don’t have to worry about that scenario.

There are zero upfront costs with our installation, so not only can you have the best system in place to heat your home, but you also won’t have to stump up a lump sum to upgrade to it. Your price is also fixed for the 10-year period, so you don’t have to worry about annual increases or surprise additional terms being added as the solution gets older.

You have no excess payments to find when we need to come to your rescue, so should the worst happen and we need to fit multiple parts or visit you more than once, you won’t pay a single penny. Everything is covered in your monthly subscription giving you total peace of mind in one place. Simple!

Working in Partnership

The ONE Solution is provided by Status Heating Limited, in partnership with Ariston. Status has been around for over half a century and Ariston are one of the largest suppliers of heating and hot water solutions in Europe, so between us we are pretty sure we can provide our customers with the very best in central heating.

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