Terms and Conditions

One Heating Solution

One Heating Solution Terms and Conditions


The One Heating Solution has been designed to provide customers with a complete solution for their home heating on a monthly subscription (hire) basis, over a 10 year period. These terms and conditions are provided to show you exactly what is, and what is not covered as part of the subscription and the installation. Please read this document carefully.

We have been as transparent as possible and we have tried to use simple terminology. If you have any questions about the One Heating Solution, please call the One Team on 0345 257 1111 or e-mail info@oneheatingsolution.com

In these terms and conditions the One Heating Solution will be referred to as “One” and the person ordering the solution will be referred to as “the customer” or “you”.

This product is not available to Landlords at this time.

What is One?

One is the future of home central heating solutions.

For a single low monthly payment, for a 10 year period, with no deposit, you will receive the following:

Survey & Quotation

Although the One Heating Solutions Website (www.oneheatingsolution.com) offers an indicative monthly price based on the answers given via the online application wizard, all quotations will be subject to a site survey by a One Surveyor.

The site survey is carried out to ensure that the answers mentioned previously are valid and that the whole heating system meets the minimum requirements for One.

If our surveyor finds that there are additional works required for your system to meet the One criteria, e.g. a radiator needs replacing, then the price of your monthly subscription will increase to cover this. The surveyor will explain this to you whilst at your home.

The survey will only be offered upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the customer via the e-mail link provided or via telephone to our One Team.

All other prices given prior to the survey are estimates and are subject to change.

Where an indicative monthly price has been given online or via telephone prior to survey, we will make every attempt to stick to this price, subject to the information provided being correct.

As part of the survey we will need to take photographs of various parts of your existing heating system and areas where we will be working. This will ensure that your subscription is priced correctly and that Health & Safety issues can be identified.

Our installation service does not include for the removal of any dangerous waste material or asbestos. This includes for materials that we couldn’t reasonably identify at survey. Any asbestos removal or identification will be the responsibility of the customer. One will endeavour to advise the customer and may recommend third party specialists for the works. Work will not begin until is absolutely safe to do so.

The One subscription will not cover any underfloor heating zones or decorative radiators. At the discretion of the One Team, we may still offer the subscription with these items as specific exclusions within the documentation.

The survey may take up to an hour to carry out and will involve the completion of online forms by our surveyor to create a definitive quotation by the end of the visit.

Once the survey has been completed, you will receive your subscription quotation via e-mail.

Acceptance & Cancellation of Quotation

Quotations are valid for a period of 28 days from the date of e-mail. No contract is deemed to be in place until we send an acknowledgement of the agreement.

All prices quoted are deemed to be inclusive of VAT.

Quotations may only be accepted by clicking on the acceptance link on the e-mail quotation.

Once the customer has accepted the quotation via the link, the customer will be directed to complete details to enable us to carry out of an online credit check via our partner, Experian. This check will leave a “soft footprint” on the customer’s credit file. Acceptance for the One Heating Solution is wholly subject to the customer passing this credit check.

In the unlikely event that the customer does not pass the credit check, the One Team will contact the customer to offer an alternative heating/finance solution.

We reserve the right to decline any order at any time. Should we decline an order, no damages or expenses of any kind shall be payable by One to the customer beyond the refund of any money already paid in relation to the installation.

The customer has a right to cancel this agreement within 14 days of acceptance without giving any reason. To cancel this agreement you must inform One of your decision by a clear statement by e-mail or post. The cancellation statement must be unambiguous.

 If the customer wishes to cancel this agreement after the cancellation period for any reason then the customer may have to pay costs at the discretion of One.

The customer will lose the right to cancel (as noted above) if One installs the solution within 14 days of acceptance at the request of the customer. In this scenario it will be deemed that One has been engaged to carry out urgent works at the customer’s home. In this circumstance, One may request that a waiver form is electronically signed by the customer.

Carrying out the One Installation Works

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the delivery and installation timescales agreed during the ordering process are met, One reserves the right to delay installation for reasons including (not limited to) fires, strikes, illness, severe weather, lockouts, terrorism, war, pandemics, material shortages and any other causes beyond the control of One.

The customer’s central heating system will be upgraded in accordance with the survey carried out by the One Surveyor to enable the system to meet the One Subscription standards. In all cases, the customer will receive the following as part of the installation process:

Additional items will be renewed/replaced as per the requirements of the survey.

On the days of installation someone 18 years old or older must be on site. This person must be able to make decisions on behalf of the customer in relation to the works.

The customer will need to provide free access to and from the installation property (both internal and external access will likely be required). You must also provide free access to water, gas and electricity where required. This will enable us to commission and test the system properly.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that parking is available for our operatives to park their van within 30 meters of the entrance to the property. Any parking charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

If a parking permit is required, it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange and provide the permit in readiness for our visit.

During the works, the customer agrees to provide a safe and respectful working environment. Rude, abusive or threatening behaviour of any kind will not be accepted. If this happens, our operatives will leave the property immediately. This also includes ensuring that the property itself is free from health & safety risks. Reattendance will be a the sole discretion of One. In any event, no refund will be due from One to the customer if this happens.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all permits, licences or permissions are in place before the works begin. This includes permissions from Landlords.

We will endeavour to complete the works between 8am and 5pm on weekdays where possible. Occasionally, work may take longer than expected and will result in us working after 5pm.

All reasonable care will be taken by our operatives in carrying out the works. However, One accepts no liability for any damage to existing plaster work, decorations or floor coverings which may be consequent upon carrying out the prescribed works.

One will make best efforts to make good holes or cuts that we have made. However, these will not be redecorated.

Floorboards will be refitted where required.

Laminate/special flooring will not be re-fixed and is specifically excluded from our works.

Where carpets are lifted, One will make every effort to refit to the best of our ability. However, stretching and professional refitting is not included. One will not be liable for any damage caused to glued/nailed carpets.

During/after the works, the customer should appreciate that there may be changes to water pressure in the existing system. Whilst our operatives will take reasonable care and make visual checks, One will not be liable for any damage caused to existing installations caused by incompatibility of products such as shower, taps, mixers or valves.

One will not be liable if your existing shower/s is not compatible with your new boiler. One will give advice where possible. However, it is the responsibly of the customer to ensure compatibility.

One will not be liable for any damage caused by leaks on existing pipework that is not visible.

One will not be liable for any damage to your home caused as a result of structural weakness or structural defects of any kind.

Where the boiler is to be installed in a loft, access must be provided by the customer via a fixed loft ladder. At the top of the ladder, the loft must be suitably boarded throughout to the position of the boiler. Lighting must be adequate and permanent.

In some circumstances, safe access to the roof may be required by scaffolding. If this is the case we will inform the customer at the time of survey. The additional cost of the scaffolding will be added to the monthly subscription fee. The safety of our operatives whilst working at heights is of paramount importance.

The customer agrees to photos being taken of the installation areas and system before, during and after installation for quality control purposes.

The wiring of the new connectivity and controls may require an electrician. If this is the case, a separate visit may be required by one of our qualified electricians to carry out this works.

Upon completion of the works the customer will be required to sign a satisfaction note. This may be electronically or via a paper document. The signed satisfaction note will activate the One subscription and the monthly payments.

In the unlikely event that the customer is not happy with an element of the works, the customer agrees to give One and it’s operatives reasonable opportunities to remedy.

One Subscription After Installation

Once your subscription has been activated you will receive communications from the One Team with instruction on how to access your online account (coming soon), your priority One telephone number and all other information relevant to your agreement.

You will be contacted annually for the One Team to carry out the annual service on your boiler. You must allow us access each year to carry out this service. If you do not, then the subscription may be cancelled and the customer may be liable to exit charges.

If you have any issues with any element of your heating solution you should call the One hotline or communicate with us online.

Where replacement items are required on the original equipment elements of the system (for example, radiator valves) One cannot guarantee that the replacement will be “like for like”. One will replace the faulty item with a suitable alternative or close match. One takes no responsibility for exact matching of certain products such as towel rails.

Exclusions from the subscription

The One solution has been created to enable the customer to have complete peace of mind and confidence in their heating solution. You have one port of call for all elements of your heating, no matter what the problem is, or where on the system the fault is occurring. Remember, we will never charge you an excess fee for calling us out.

For this reason, there are very few things that are not covered by the monthly payment. However, there are a few items that we can’t cover as follows:

Moving Home

We understand that people’s circumstances change and that customers may move property within the ten year agreement period. If the customer does move home after the minimum 2 year period, then there are 2 options available as follows:

Cancelling the Agreement

After 2 years (24 months) of your One subscription you may terminate our agreement. This termination will be subject to a cancellation fee that is calculated at 25% of your monthly payment figure multiplied by the number of payments that you have left on your One subscription (example below). Remember, if you cancel the subscription early, you must arrange for removal and return of the boiler to us. We can facilitate this removal at a charge of £150 (in addition to the termination fee), if you would like us to do it for you.

Cancellation Example

Mrs B has had her One subscription for 26 months and has been paying £45 per month. She wishes to end her agreement.

Her termination fee would be £1057.50

£11.25 (25% of monthly fee) x 94 (remaining months of subscription)

This termination fee would be claimed immediately upon cancellation by either Direct Debit or Credit/debit card.

Failure to pay the termination fee, will result in the customer’s details being passed to our payment recovery team and may lead to legal proceedings to recover the debt.

If our recovery team are unable to recover the fee and/or the boiler is not returned to us, we reserve the right to request access to remove the boiler. We will never request access to remove the boiler during the period 1st October to 31 March, “the winter”.

Missed Payments/ Default

To ensure continuation of your One subscription, it is vitally important that the monthly payments are made throughout the life of the agreement by Direct Debit. We understand that there may be times when our customers may have difficulty in meeting the monthly payment. In these circumstances we will work with you to give every opportunity for payment.

If any payments are missed, or there is an issue with the Direct Debit failing, the following, clear procedures will apply:-

As long as the payment is successful within this retry period, then there are no further charges or penalties and the monthly payments will continue as per the agreement.

If the Direct Debit payment fails after the 3rd retry (approximately 4 weeks), then the subscription will be placed “on hold” until the outstanding payment has been made and the monthly Direct Debit has been reinstated. We reserve the right to charge an additional £30 administration fee in this circumstance. This £30 fee will be taken by Direct Debit once the mandate has been reactivated. If a subscription is placed “on hold”, you will no longer have access to the One repair service, annual service, 24-hour cover or remote monitoring/assistance. You will be informed of this “status” by email and through your online account.

The maximum time that a One subscription may be in an “on hold” status is 2 calendar months from the date of being placed in that status (effectively 3 months from the initial payment due date). You may reinstate your subscription at any point during this period (subject to the £30 administration fee) on provision of an active Direct Debit mandate and settlement of the missed payments. The maximum number of times that a subscription may be placed “on hold” is two.

After this period has elapsed or on the 3rd time of being placed “on hold”, the agreement will be viewed as cancelled by the customer. All services provided within the One agreement will be cancelled. You will, therefore, be subject to the termination fee as per the section “Cancelling the agreement”. You must arrange for removal and return of the boiler to us. We can facilitate this removal at a charge of £150 (in addition to the termination fee), if you would like us to do it for you.

Failure to pay the termination fee, or failure to arrange return of the boiler, will result in the customer’s details being passed to our payment recovery team and may lead to legal proceedings to recover the debt.

If our recovery team are unable to recover the fee and/or the boiler is not returned to us, we reserve the right to request access to remove the boiler. We will never request access to remove the boiler during the period 1st October to 31 March, “the winter”.

When the Agreement Ends

At the end of the 10 year subscription you have a number of options