Myths and Untruths

Find out what your warranty/boiler cover really gives you. You might be surprised

Some important things that you may not realise....

It seems really simple doesn't it. You've got a crazy long warranty from your boiler manufacturer, or you pay one of those large utlility companies many £ per month for boiler cover and you think you're sorted if there's a problem with your heating. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you couldn't be more wrong!

We've put together this handy little table to help you out. It just so happens that One subscriptions cover everything 😁  

Claim Manufacturer Warranty Boiler Cover One Solution Good to know
If my boiler goes faulty for any reason, that must be covered?

You would have thought so wouldn't you! However, the terms and conditions of warranty packages and boiler cover packages tend to have masses of exclusions. For example, if your new boiler goes faulty and the manufacturer comes out and finds that the boiler has lost pressure because one of your radiators is leaking, this is NOT covered by your boiler warranty! Expect to receive a bill in the post. Similarly, depending upon the cover you have taken out, depends whether you will be covered in this scenario. Who needs this kind of hassle? With One, it doesn't matter what caused the fault, or which part of the system needs sorting. It's all part of the wonders of One.

An annual boiler service is included

Although it is a requirement of your boiler warranty, the annual service is not included as part of that warranty. You will need to pay someone to do it for you and then be able to prove that it was done if you make a claim against that warranty. The One solution includes a service for every year of your active subscription. No records to keep, no one else to pay. Easy peasy.

OK, my boiler has definitley got a fault and I'm covered. I'll have nothing more to pay

It sounds so obvious and simple doesn't it? Well, in this situation you are probably right when dealing with the manufacturer's warranty (as long as the fault is definitely on the boiler....which you may not know for definite...oops). However, if you have central heating cover you need to make sure that there are no excess charges if you make a claim. In most cases, cover is sold with a £60 per call excess, meaning you will have to pay £60 every time you use the service that you already pay every month for! I know, it's hard to believe isn't it? It's not all policies, but if you want an excess free cover it's going to cost you more. Because One is a whole heating solution, there are no other charges. You pay us every month, you never have to worry about this stuff again.

If my boiler breaks down, it will be an engineer from the manufacturer or the cover provider who will visit

Well that depends. Some manufacturers have their own engineers, some don't, and when it gets really busy, it could be anyone who comes to your home. Similarly, if you have boiler cover with your insurance company or even one of the utilities, it will most likely be a sub-contractor who attends. What's the problem with that you say? Well, it's about the customer experience in our view. With the One solution, it's all handled by our own team of engineers no matter the scenario. Engineers who know about your boiler and your system, because it's all part of the One solution.

My internet smart controls are covered right?

Wrong I'm afraid. Your boiler warranty or cover won't cover your external controls like Hive or Nest. If these go wrong and you call the manufacturer or your boiler cover company to come out, you may be hit with a big bill. One includes full the connectivity package for the whole period of the subscription. If your controls go wrong, we'll fix them!

If my boiler breaks down I'll be able to get someone out straight away

Hmmm.....depends upon your definition of straight away. I'm afraid you won't find any guaranteed response times in your manufacturer's warranty information and most boiler cover terms will say that they will "do their best" to attend within a certain time frame.  You certainly won't get a commitment for out of working hours visits. Not very reassuring. However, you guessed it, the One solution guarantees attendance in a maximum of 2 working days. Most of the time we will call before this, even on evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

One of my radiators is leaking. This is covered under my boiler/heating cover, correct?

As you've probably gathered by depends. Your leaking radiator definitely won't be covered by your boiler manufacturer's warranty, so don't even think about calling them. As for your heating cover, well it depends upon what cover you took out. Heating cover providers are very clever about showing you really cheap monthly prices for their cover. However, the really cheap prices often only cover faults on the boiler, or even worse, just an annual service! Oh, by the way, don't forget about those excess charges that might be lurking in the depths of the terms and conditions. If you have a One subscription it's covered. No need to check, no need to hunt around for policy documents. Just relax and let us know that you have a problem. What could be easier? Well guess what. Because the One survey is really detailed before we activate your subscription, we know all your radiator and valve sizes within your house. If the radiator needs replacing we can bring one with us!

I've got a system filter fitted. Dirty water won't stop one of my claims

Oh no, you mentioned it!....System water, sludge, debris, magnetite, ph levels. It's probably the number one exclusion from all warranties and covers and it's also an "easy out" for providers. Even if you've got a system filter, if your system hasn't been treated/flushed from the outset, you're still going to have problems. During the initial One survey our brilliant colleagues will carry out a check on your system water to make sure that it's OK. If there's a problem, we will sort it as part of the boiler installation. Simple. From that point, it's all part of One.