Got questions?  We have you covered


  You're just selling me a new boiler and insurance aren't you?

Absolutely not! ONE is a complete home heating solution that combines advanced technology and the very best in customer service for your central heating through the whole life of the subscription. This revolutionary subscription takes all of the problems with home heating, solves them and then charges you ONE simple monthly price for the solution. 

  My Boiler comes with 12 Years warranty - Why do I need anything else?

Lots of boilers these days come with a fancy long warranty, some 12 years or longer. Remember, the warranty only applies to faults on the boiler throughout the period. It does not include servicing, faults caused by external components (such as a leaking radiator that depressurises your boiler) or faults due to user error. The manufacturer is likely to send you a big bill if the fault is not on the boiler, even if you didn't know what was causing the problem!

With a ONE subscription we take care of everything on your system, no matter what the fault is, or where the fault has come from (subject to a couple of minor conditions). There is no "warranty". You contact ONE, we fix it. It's as simple as that.

  I bet you just get the manufacturer to come out if the boiler breaks down?

Once again, absolutely not! This is one of the reasons why your brand new boiler from ONE does not mention "warranty" anywhere. ONE is something completely different. While you have an active ONE subscription, your central heating is taken care of. Whether it's the week after installation (we hope not), or 6 years down the line it's all exactly the same. 

Contact ONE and one of our own directly employed engineers will fix it.

  Can I choose the boiler and controls on the ONE subscription?

I'm afraid not. But think of it like this. Many people choose certain manufacturers because their friends have had them, or they have seen advertising on the TV. They believe that certain makes will last longer and be more reliable. They are making a purchasing decision. Remember you are not just buying a new boiler when you subscribe to ONE, you are benefitting from a complete solution. ONE is taking away all of these doubts and concerns. Your whole system is protected from the moment that your subscription is activated, until the subscription ends. If your boiler fails (we will probably know before you do, due to active online fault prediction), ONE will fix it or replace it. You don't know how to set the timer on your controls, ONE will set them for you (probably remotely, because we have the latest tech). 

  Do I have to have a Combi Boiler?

The One solution is packaged with a state-of-the-art combination boiler. Even if you have a regular boiler or system boiler, we will replace with a combi. 

  How do I know that you're not just a faceless internet company?

Gosh, I hope this question isn't asked frequently! The ONE solution is administered and provided by Status Heating Limited in partnership with Ariston UK. Status Heating have been providing central heating services for their customers in the Midlands for over 50 years and have directly employed engineers throughout the region. Ariston are one of the largest manufacturers of heating technology in Europe. Together, our brands are determined to change the way that people view their heating solutions in the UK.

  Are there any guaranteed response times if I have a problem?

Unlike most other warranty and insurance providers, ONE guarantees a response within 2 working days. We will also provide breakdown coverage on evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays. As always, it is the same contact details no matter what time of day, or what you are wishing to contact us about. 

  Are you really going to cover my existing radiators and pipework?

We certainly are. The ONE solution has been created to provide customers with absolute and complete confidence that their whole system is being looked after for the period of the active subscription. We will of course survey the system before the solution is activated. If we find that any of your existing equipment is faulty, we will replace it as part of the boiler replacement process and amend your monthly payment accordingly.

  Do I have to have a new boiler to subscribe to ONE?

Why wouldn't you? To enable our customers to benefit from all of the features of the ONE subscription we need to have the technology in place to help us. The brand new combination boiler and internet connectivity allows us a complete view of how your boiler is working and if it may break down. If you are looking for a central heating cover, Status Heating also offers their Gold Cover.

  Do I own the boiler and controls?

The ONE solution is not a standard boiler purchase. The ONE subscription provides you with a complete home heating solution on a monthly subscription (rental) basis. You do not own the boiler during the subscription period, in the same way that you would not own a car that you have leased/rented. This gives great flexibility at the end of the subscription period to allow for an automatic upgrade to the latest boiler technology and a new ONE subscription.

  Can I have a Heat Pump on ONE?

We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing a ONE subscription for heat pumps in the new year. A whole new affordable way for our customers to embrace green technologies. Please contact us if you are interested in pre-registering.

  Do you cover the whole of the UK?

Currently, we cover the whole of the Greater Midlands area, but we will be extending our coverage in the new year. If you are outside our area (our coverage checker on application will tell you) and are still interested in ONE, please let us know and we will contact you as soon as we are in your area.

Subscription and payments

  Will the monthly fee stay the same?

Yes, once a final monthly subscription price is quoted after the surveyor visit, this remains a fixed monthly amount for the duration of the agreement.

This peace of mind is one of the key benefits of the ONE heating solution as it provides predictability for the future

  How long is my ONE subscription?

All ONE subscriptions are for 10 years.

Your subscription provides you with a revolutionary whole home heating solution. We hope you want to stay longer than 10 years!

  How do I pay my monthly payment?

Your ONE subscription is paid monthly, either by Direct Debit or card. Our subscription system is provided by the world renowned online provider, Stripe.

  What happens if I move house?

We understand that people’s circumstances change and that you may move property within the ten year agreement period. If you move home after the minimum 2 year period, then there are 2 options available as follows:

1) Transfer your ONE subscription to the new owner and let them enjoy all the benefits of ONE.
2) End your agreement (subject to Terms & Conditions)

  Will I have to have a credit check?

Once you have accepted our monthly subscription quote, we will carry out a credit check via our partners, Experian. This check will leave a “soft footprint” on your credit file. Acceptance for the ONE Heating Solution is wholly subject to you passing this credit check.


  Do I really get a new boiler?

Yes, you get a brand new state-of-the-art boiler with internet connectivity and remote monitoring. The exact model will depend on the size of your home and the output required, but this is included in your monthly cost and the surveyor will advise which boiler is the best fit for efficiency and performance.

  Will I get a new room thermostat?

Indeed you will. We will install a radio frequency digital room thermostat as part of the ONE boiler replacement process. This can be wall mounted, or placed on a stand. Most people have the stat installed on the wall and then make all adjustments via their app.

  How do I know if my system is eligible?

We have tried to make the ONE solution so that it is available for as many homes as possible. However, there will be homes that do not qualify. Simply complete 10 questions and we'll confirm if you meet our basic eligibility requirements for the ONE solution.

A surveyor will carry out a detailed survey and raise any potential exclusions with you once you have decided to go ahead with the ONE solution.

  Do I get an app to control my heating whilst out and about?

You certainly do. Your app will allow you to control temperatures, times and setbacks in the same way as any Hive or Nest application. The app enables you to reduce costs and improve efficiency by only heating your home when you need to.

The app and all controls are covered in the monthly subscription fee.

  Is the online monitoring just a marketing ploy?

You should realise by now that we are not trying to con people! We have been using our online boiler monitoring system for a number of years and the technology has been used all over Europe for many years too. The online monitoring warns us (and you) of potential failure and allows us to make alterations to both technical and user settings to ensure that your boiler is working to it's optimum.

  What about my existing boiler?

Your existing boiler will be replaced by a brand new state-of-the-art boiler with remote management and excellent efficiency.

So dont worry about whether your existing boiler is good or not, it's getting replaced as part of the ONE heating solution. We will remove and dispose of your old equipment as part of the installation service. It's all included in One.